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Why choose AI Interview?

Save time

Say goodbye to filtering hundreds of CVs and calls, and easily select potential candidates with busy schedules without requiring a face-to-face meeting.

Cost savings

Save up to 60% on management costs of conducting interviews and evaluating candidates.

Increase recruitment efficiency

Digitize the recruitment process, increase work efficiency between departments.

Let's Explore Interview Box


Video Asynchronous Interviews with AI Enhanced Analytics

Interview Box offers asynchronous video interviews combined with AI-powered analytics and matching capabilities. This innovative feature streamlines your candidate assessment process and provides valuable insights for smarter hiring decisions.


Seamless Team Collaboration

Interview Box facilitates effortless collaboration among your team members, allowing for efficient and effective evaluation of candidates during the interview process.


Data Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into candidate performance and interview metrics. Interview Box provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to help you make informed choices and continuously improve your hiring process.

The most-advanced, all-in-one video interview software for hiring globally

Eliminate resume and phone screening. Hire better candidates faster.

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